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Bamboo Water Fountains

     These high quality bamboo products have been manufactured since 1990 and are made from the best bamboo materials in the world. All of the products are built using solid pieces of bamboo. Solid bamboo makes the fountain stronger and less likely to crack. We use a special finish that keeps the bamboo beautiful for years and protects the fountain from the harsh sun and mold.
     Do-it-yourself Bamboo Fountains allow you to create a water oasis in your home, office, or garden in minutes.

Top Ten Reasons to have or buy a Bamboo Water Fountain or Deer Chaser

  1. Brings tranquility to home, office, and garden in minutes.
  2. Contributes to a Feng Shui environment. Running water promotes wealth.
  3. Create your own tropical feeling
  4. Birds are attracted to running water
  5. Drown out noise
  6. Create a water garden with fish or plants.
  7. Adds beauty to home, office, and garden
  8. Always a cherished gift!
  9. Perfect use for any sealed container
  10. Helps keep your pond clean

     This company holds a strong policy of not using children for either growing, harvesting, or production of their bamboo products. Packaging is done with recycled materials.

Bamboo Fountains Policies

  • Each water fountain comes with an adjustable submersible pump that is totally quiet, uses little electricity and is guaranteed for 1 year after purchase.
  • Most orders filled next day.
  • Orders will be shipped by DHL or USPS Priority Mail. If requested, we will ship UPS. Call or e-mail for shipping prices outside the U.S.
  • Colors: As this is a natural product, colors may vary.
  • Returns: All returns must be approved. A 20% restocking fee may apply.
  • Prices and availability subject to change

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Shipping and Handling Fees

Total for Order



Up to $34.00   $8.95
$34.01–$50.00   $9.95
$50.01–$70.00   $10.95
$70.01–$100.00   $11.95

All Fountain orders over $150.00 have free shipping in the Continental US.

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